About the PPN

Collective voice of of community and voluntary sector in Offaly

Offaly Public Participation Network (OPPN) is an independent network of community and Voluntary groups and organisations across the Faithful County: County Offaly. Our Vision for Community Wellbeing is the vision that the member groups of Offaly PPN have for County Offaly.

Community Wellbeing reflects more than just out physical and mental wellbeing, it can also describe the wider conditions we need as individuals and communities to have a better quality of life, healthier environment, increased prosperity and temporal spiritual wellbeing.

Our Vision has been developed through a bottom up approach encompassing the vision of the PPN membership/Offaly citizens in the decision-making process.

Offaly Community Wellbeing Vision statement is reflective of the following:

  • Values Culture & Meaning
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Health (Physical & Mental)
  • Economy & Resources
  • Social & Community Development
  • Participation, Democracy & Good Governance


The role of Offaly Public Participation Network is to:

• Act as a platform for the groups/organisations engaged in the community, voluntary and environmental sectors in Offaly to develop policy and positions on issues of common concern to the sectors and to communities and to advocate for these policies and positions to be implemented.
• To facilitate and co-ordinate the representation of the community, voluntary and environmental sectors on the Local Community Development Committee, the Strategic Policy Committees, the Joint Policing Committee, other local government and local development bodies and any local, regional, national or international body deemed appropriate by the Offaly PPN.
• To ensure that all community membership to the committees must be sourced through the PPN.
• Actively support the inclusion of socially excluded groups
• Provide access to information and supports and networking