Local Community Development Committee(LCDC) - Representatives



Rebekah Keaveny: Rebekah has a background in Sustainable Living, Environmental Education and Social Entrepreneurship. Rebekah created Social Soil Network in January 2017. The Network works with community groups and schools to facilitate green projects. Rebekah is the PPN representative on the board of the LCDC.


Social Inclusion  

Deirdre Arnold: Deirdre’s background is training and education. She has extensive experience of working with marginalised groups, long term unemployed, community groups and vulnerable older people.

Deirdre’s passion is working with those who are marginalised and excluded from society to enable them to gain self-confidence to participate in actions to change their situation and to tackle problems the face them in their communities. The best way to help end exclusion and isolation is to work on been a strong ally. That means having a good understanding of the privileges your own group enjoys to better understand the perspectives of members of marginalised communities


Olive O'Sullivan: Olive feels she is a good representative for people who are socially excluded in our society. Olive is at present the secretary of Offaly Dyslexia Group Research which is an Offaly based Community Group dedicated to providing support and workshops for children and adults with the specific learning difficulty dyslexia. Olive sees first-hand how additional needs affect a person and a family as a whole and feels it is important to be a voice for these people in our community which may traditionally be marginalised


Sinead McDonagh: I am currently the PPN LCDC Community Rep for the last 3 years and I am also currently vice chairperson of the LCDC. I am studying BA in Community Youth and Family studies in NUI Galway. I am an active volunteer with Foróige serving the youth of my community.

Sylvia Sweeney: I have been involved in the Community of Kilcormac all my life and particularly in the last 20 years through Kilcormac Community Childcare and more recently Kilcormac Development Association. I am an active member of the Kilcormac Economic Development Group and passionate about making our community a better place both economically and aesthetically. I feel I have a lot to offer a forum like the PPN